Media Buying is the latest function added to iLeaf Connect's services. We procure the best possible placement at the best possible price within the given media.

On behalf of our clients, we purchase time and advertising space for the purpose of strategic and advertising communication. We evaluate each buy on many a factors relating to the particular product or service objectives. We optimise the budget, type of medium (print, OOH), quality of the medium (target audience, placement etc.), and time/space required. We purchase media regionally as well as nationally.

Strategic tie-up & Barter
Media barter allows our clients and media owners to trade without having to pay 100% for the desired media. It adds significant value when it becomes integral to media strategy and business planning.

We structure deals according to our client's individual requirements, increasing the audience reach for the campaign and delivering efficiently on media spend. Our innovative and smart thinking can deliver value and augment the strategy.